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Hi, I’m Jennifer! I’m a handbag designer and surface pattern designer from Milwaukee. My designs are bright, colorful, usually floral, sometimes quirky.

My process

I create all my work by hand with designs I have drawn, designed, and created myself.

Jennifer Ladd

Jennifer Ladd

Did you ever notice that even the dreariest of days can be made a little better with a spark of color? Bright colors make us happy. So when I create, I tend to make colorful prints with bright designs that make us smile and lighten our spirits. I use my designs to create my handmade bags, purses, accessories, and home goods that are bold, bright, and sometimes even a little quirky. My goal is to bring a little happiness into this world, one colorful piece at a time.

I design each of my patterns and my handmade handbags in my cozy little workshop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have been sewing since I was a child (I learned by watching my grandma), and I opened my online shop in 2007. I am so happy that I can continue to bring joy to my customers by doing something that I truly love.

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